How to Wear Hats – Streetwear Edition


1. The Fitted

Now let me just say this, when it come to hats I never knew their were so many unspoken rules. Being from California and never having heard ANY of these ever I’ve declared it as an east coast thing, or maybe a New York thing, since this is where my source resides.

DA RULES – when purchasing a fitted it needs to have a patch, why might you say? I have no clue, just as for the rest there is no method to this hat madness. Rule number 3, BEND THE BRIM! Lastly there are several different bottom brim colors, grey, green, pink and black. But black is unacceptable, cancelled, washed. “f$$k a black brim!” words of a true New Yorker, again no reason as to why.

Each color has its own era, the grey bottom is known as the OG of the New Era hats. As I was told “you not fresh if you not rockin’ a grey bottom!” Green is neutral, not an OG but still accepted, its like the middle child. As for the pink, she’s the baby still new to the game and where the hype is right now. As for black we should all know the drill, no just no.

How to style it

Whether you’re wearing it to support your favorite team, style purposes or simply because you like the color (me) you can make it fashionable. Fitted’s have become extremely trendy and gender neutral. Since its getting colder out you can pair your favorited fitted cap with an oversized crewneck layered over a collared shirt with cargo pants and your go to sneakers, and if you’re feeling extra jazzy, wear it backwards.

2. The Bucket Hat

The bucket hat made its first debut in the 1980’s within hiphop & rap culture, y’all remember LL Cool J and his Kangol hat? Well like most things in fashion they eventually come back in style. Today you can see tons of different patterns, styles and even textures. I even own a couple fuzzy/furry bucket hats, which also was a former trend.

How to style it

Styling the bucket hat can go one of two ways, you can take it back to the 90’s and do entire throwback fit or you can modernize it a bit. Personally the 90’s had a little too many colors for me, so we’re going to go with a modern look. Taking a neutral toned bucket hat you can pair it with a simple crop top, paired with a earth toned flannel, baggy, loose jeans and some nike blazers adding a baguette purse. This was inspired by one of my own looks featured on my TikTok.

Wearing hats is a great way to add an accessories to your fit or to simply to save you from a bad hair day. Of course there are more than just these two styles but they are super trendy right now especially in streetwear. Also as for ‘da rules’ for fitted caps, I’d say as long you’re on the west coast you shouldn’t have to worry but if you find yourself in New York beware.

Which would you wear, the bucket hat or a fitted cap? Also thoughts on my furry bucket hat look? Comment below! Here are some links to other sites on how to wear hats for women and for men.


5 Ways to Style Leather in 2020

Have you seen your favorite fashion influencer sporting a leather jacket, leather pants? Or is it all over your Pinterest board too? Leather is a huge trend for Fall 2020 whether its pants, a waist length or trench coat, brown or black you are bound to see it. Here I have 5 different looks to use as inspiration to style your leather pieces this season, along with tips on where you can find your own leather.

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The Best WOC Fashion Influencer you Need to Follow

Are you tired of seeing the same “influencers” on your explore page week after week? Are you looking for new and trendy fashion inspiration? Women who live and breathe versatility? Well you are in luck, I have the perfect woman for you, @Kingdes on Instagram. On her online store http://www.kingdes.com she sells reworked vintage items which is right up our alley y’all, along with designer pieces for those of us who have more expensive taste. These pieces are perfect to dress up or down, from hoodies and crew necks to skirts and risqué tops, she’s got us covered!

Here are some of my favorite items from her site with links!

As stated in her Instagram bio, she is a momtrepreneur, blogger and a creative. All of which I find to be true. I came across her page a few years ago from my older sister, she had been following her and thought she’d be someone I’d like. I went to her page and followed and instantly fell in love! Kingdes style is extremely unique, from mixing neons with camouflage print, to cow toe boots, she makes anything look good. One of my favorite things about Kingdes is that she has found the balance between cute and comfy, making hoodies chic rather than like regular lounge wear. And did I forget to mention that she is the QUEEN of layering.

Kingdes is a true inspiration for any female entrepreneur women, she maintains her own blog, creates content, and even does personal styling and shopping. I never thought I’d want to be so much like someone I never met before. Kingdes has a certain je ne sais quoi about her. She’s an ideal influencer because of her uniqueness and that she has a niche she sticks to and a personable vibe that all of her followers love.

Here’s the link to her Youtube Channel and her latest interview

Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTb0_-NDDHbW_jxeHznFtjA

Lastest Interview on Connect DTH – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=417zrFq74u4

3 Essential Boots for this Fall

I know all of us have owned those thigh high suede boots at one point in our life, some of us still might own a pair, but I am here to give you 3 fabulous alternatives to spice up your shoe game. Or would it be boot game? Either way these alternatives will have you looking H-O-T! P.S. I hope you can walk in heels.

“High Heels are pleasure with pain.”

Christian Louboutin

1. The Sock Boot

The sock Boot is the perfect boot, and extremely popular. These can be dressed up or dressed down, and if you get a thicker heel, easier to walk in as well. Styling these with a tight mini dress and a leather jacket is a LOOK! If you like to keep it a little more ‘chill’ you can pair them with your favorite pants a cute hoodie and an over coat. Here’s an outfit example along with links to find similar styles.


2. The Platform/ Lugged Sole

These funky boots are the perfect statement piece to add that extra umph to your outfit. These shoes are for those who don’t mind a little extra attention. Platforms scream “I have arrived”. Known to be associated with at one point they might not have been everyones cup of tea, but they have a evolved in the fashion world and are extremely versatile. One way to wear these boots is to pair them with an oversized blazer (worn as a dress) with a belt, some stockings and your favorite baguette. Here are some examples & links to my favorite looks.


3. Knee High/ Thigh High Boots

Personally I must say these might be my favorite. Knee high and Thigh High boots have made it to my personal closet staples list. There are plenty of different styles for every occasion, fitted leather, neutral toned snake skin, croc skin, block heel, and even a kitten heel. These boots are meant to be worn with mini skirts and slips dresses. Period. Looks and Links down below.

P.S. a lot of these current trends are repeats of what has already been done in the world of fashion. To save a couple bucks and reduce your contribution to fast fashion check out your local thrift store or download the app Depop to shop new and used items! https://www.depop.com

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