Does Expensive Mean Fashionable?

December 18, 2020

I find that when I meet most people who are into “fashion” they correlate expensive or designer with fashionable or stylish. Let me show you how to be stylish and on trend without breaking the bank. Tips from the frugal drip queen herself.

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Oh My, It’s Oh Polly, An Honest Review!

Have you heard of Oh Polly or thought about shopping with them? I’ve recently done two collaborations with them and I have all the tea for you!

Oh Polly is an online women’s clothing brand originated in the United Kingdom (they have international shipping). They offer everything from Party Attire, Jackets and Coats to Lounge Wear. I would say their clothing items are high quality and priced accordingly.

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How to make Brown Clothing Look Good

Since when did brown become “in”? I know we have all see the array of browns lately and it’s quite trendy. So how did this color make such a turnaround? We all know that brown has been seen as one of the DON’TS when choosing a color to wear, especially if you had brown skin. Trust me, I made the mistake of wearing a brown camisole for picture day in the 6th grade, it used to haunt me but now I can just say my one of my favorite lyrics to quote;

“Yo, I’m not new to this, I’m true to this”

Gang Starr

Meaning I’ve always been ahead of trends aka a trend setter, period. And if you knew me in 6th grade well, you didn’t. Here I have some ways we are making brown look good.

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The Best WOC Fashion Influencer you Need to Follow

Are you tired of seeing the same “influencers” on your explore page week after week? Are you looking for new and trendy fashion inspiration? Women who live and breathe versatility? Well you are in luck, I have the perfect woman for you, @Kingdes on Instagram. On her online store where she sells reworked vintage items which is right up our alley y’all, along with designer pieces for those of us who have more expensive taste. These pieces are perfect to dress up or down, from hoodies and crew necks to skirts and risqué tops, she’s got us covered!

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